Our Mission

Our mission is to build and develop a total program that emphasizes character, trust, honesty, responsibility, and discipline; to work hard and do things the right way in order to develop successful players, people, and attitudes; and to represent the tradition of Willowbrook by building a basketball program that is respected across the state of Illinois for sustained and continual success.

Player Expectations

  1. Represent Willowbrook in a positive and influential manner
  2. Display class, self-discipline, and character both on and off the court
  3. Be accountable for their actions, decisions, and performance
  4. Put team success before personal accolades
  5. Work hard, have a positive attitude, and be coachable each day
  6. Encourage teammates to be the best they can be

Feeder System Philosophy

In order to build a program that is successful year in and year out, it is imperative to develop the young players in the program. Middle school, freshman, sophomore and junior varsity players must be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and fundamentals to become quality Varsity players. No one level is more important than the next. It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to ensure that the players in the program understand the program philosophy and vision, and understand what it takes to be successful. All of these aspects are the basis for our feeder system.